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Storefront financials in detail


You as a publisher set your product pricing and school fundraising amount when you add or edit a product in your Publisher Dashboard Store.  Applicable taxes & fees are displayed for the product in this area. Your orders and revenues per sale are tracked in under the Orders tab of the Publisher Dashboard. Editors-in-chief are able to see their school's fundraising revenues in the Memento Yearbook app under the Storefront link.

Payment Processing & Credit Card Rates

The Memento online store uses Stripe as its payment platform, benefiting from its industry-leading reliability, scalability, and security. Stripe charges a simple flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ for USD & CAD transactions deducted from the amount charged.

Sales Tax

Since MementoPix is based in Montreal, Canada, and all store transactions are run directly by MementoPix, US customers do not pay sales taxes. Canadian customers will be charged applicable sales taxes on store orders based on federal and provincial rules.

Store Fees

While there are no setup/maintenances fees for the Online Store, an administrative fee is added per product. For printed books, the fee is $1 per book. Administrative fees will be announced for any new products added to the store. The fee may be adjusted on request for high volume sales - please contact support services for inquiries.

Your Payment

MementoPix collects revenues for the store and disburses your portion of the sales either at the end of the book's sales period or, for high volume sales, on a custom date/schedule. Contact support services for high-volume payment schedule requests. Payments will be provided by cheque or ACH transfer.

School Fundraising Payments

If fundraising payment amounts are added to the school's storefront, MementoPix collects these revenues for your schools, and disburses their fundraising portion to you when their book sales period has terminated. MementoPix will add this to your payment amount with your portion of the sales directly by cheque or ACH transfer for you to then disburse the fundraising payments to your school(s).


MementoPix will issue refunds to customers during the book sales period. Once sales revenues have been transferred to you, the publisher, and to your school(s), only your company may refund the customer.

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