Adding a book product to sell in your school's store

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Products are added to a school's storefront on the Store tab. To set up a product, click on the school's Settings button.

(Note that you can close the black menu on the left side by clicking on the three-line icon at the top of the page.)

Adding a Book Product to the School's Store

If you are adding a product to a store for the first time, click on the Add Product button at the bottom of the page to get started.

If a product already exists in the store, click on Add New Product in the top right corner.

Choose the type of product to add - note that digital yearbooks will soon be available to add to your store!

Item Description & Sales Period

Under the Item tab, configure the basic setup of the product.

  • Product name: as it will appear in the store. It can simply be added as "Yearbook" or, if you are offering more than one type of book, specify which book type it is (eg. Hard Cover Yearbook, Sports Supplement, etc.).
  • Add a unique product SKU, if desired, to track your in-house inventory system codes. SKUs must be unique for each product.
  • Set the visibility of the product in the store. You can make it visible immediately, hide the product if you don't want to show it, or schedule a release date.
  • Set up an end date for offering the product. This is useful if you are offering a pre-sale special price, or don't want to add any more orders past a certain date.

Item Pricing

Click on the Pricing tab to add details about your pricing breakdown and to calculate the price shown in the store.

  • Add your base pricing - this should cover your costs and profit. These revenues will be transferred directly to your company.
  • Add a school fundraising surcharge, if desired. These funds will be transferred to the school.

Notice that the total book pricing is calculated using your price and the fundraising price, with credit card and store fees automatically applied to the total.

Optionally, you can turn on stock tracking. Enter the total number of books that will be available for sale. When all the books are ordered, no further sales will be allowed.


Upon completing the form, click Add Product in the bottom right corner.


The Shipping tab enables you to choose which shipping options are available to your customers when they place an order.

In-School Pickup will ship your customer's order with a block of books, to be distributed at the school by the yearbook committee or school administration. The shipping fees to the school are not managed in the store as they are negociated directly with your customer as a part of their contract.

Ship to Customer (turned off by default) will enable direct shipping to the customer's home. This option requires additional set-up since shipping charges are added to the customer's order.



Turn on Ship to Customer to expose additional shipping information.

Currently, the storefront enables flat-rate domestic shipping. Specify your shipping rate per order, and the maximum number of books covered under the single shipping rate (to ensure that your costs are covered).

Once you have completed your shipping info, be sure to click Save Product. 

Adding another product

Should you need to add another product, click on the Add New Product link in the top right corner.

Editing a product

You can edit the product after creating it - click Edit next to the product. You can 

You can update pricing for the start or end of a sale, hide a product that is no longer for sale, add extra stock, for instance.

Deleting a product

Should you need to remove a product, click Delete.


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