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Online store overview

As a publisher, you may offer your schools an online store for their yearbook sales. The store currently includes the ability to sell printed yearbooks.

Each school may have a storefront. You, as the publisher, may turn on the store, set up product and pricing, and see complete order details.

For complete details on the store financials (fees, revenue transfers, refunds), please consult the dedicated article on this subject.

Your Stores

Your school stores are managed on the Stores tab of the Publisher portal. In this area, you can add configure your storefronts and add products for sale on a per school basis with custom pricing (including school fundraising surcharges). 

Your Orders

Orders are tracked under the Orders tab. Order details and links back to store configuration are offered, and you can track your received revenues on a per order basis.

What your schools see

In the Memento Yearbook app, Editors-in-Chief may see an overview of the product, pricing, their orders and expected fundraising money from their book. They are not able to configure pricing or store options - only you, the publishing company, can configure these settings. Information on this subject is available to the schools in the Memento Yearbook app knowledge base.

Note that if you do not want to offer stores to one or more of your customers, you can turn off the Storefront option under your customation options.

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