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Customizing your in-app support info

By default, your school-clients will be directed to Memento Yearbook support ressources, such as the school knowledge base and ticketing system. If you maintain custom support services to assist your clients, you can add links to these services in the Publisher portal.

To access your custom support settings, click on Customization on the left-side menu. Under Customization, choose Help, then turn on the Use Custom Help Settings.

You may add the website addresses for your own knowledge base, your own online ticketing system, and your own customer chat service.

If you do not maintain one or more of these services, simply leave the default addresses in place.

Note that if you choose to use your own knowledge base, your customers will no longer have access to the MementoPix contextual help system. This means if they click the Help button in Memento Yearbook, they will  be redirected to your knowledge base website, rather than receive suggestions relative to the area they are currently viewing in the app.

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