Creating and managing layout collections

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To design layouts that are exclusively available to your schools, go to the Layouts tab in the Publisher Portal.

What is a Layout Collection?

A layout collection is composed of one or more pages designed around a theme - such  pages with a common colour palette, background types, decoration style, and fonts (eg. comic book, garden, varsity, modern magazine) or as a subject for a particular type of yearbook page (eg: prom, graduation, baseball, fundraising, Halloween).

A collection may have from 1 to 100 pages in it. Collections may be keyworded to assist your clients to find them.

Your clients will access your custom layout collections in the page editor to apply to their pages. If you only want to show your own layout collection, you can turn off the MementoPix layout collection under the Publisher Portal's Customization tab.

Each publisher account may create up to five collections of 100 pages each for free. To purchase additional layout collections, download the order form from the Manage License section of your dashboard.

Creating a new collection

To start your first collection, click on the Add Layout Collection button.

Add information to define your collection.

1. Provide a name for the collection. This will appear in a dropdown in the school's yearbook page editor.

2. Specify if the collection will show single page layouts or cover pages. Note that double-page designs are not currently enabled.

3. When starting the collection, keep the Published toggle off - this will keep your in-progress work hidden from customers. However, you as a Publisher will see hidden layout collections when logged into your clients' books. Turn the collection on when you are ready to make your collection visible to your clients.

4. Add tags to help your clients find your layouts. Type a word into the Tags box, then hit Enter on your keyboard to add a new tag. You may also select from existing tags, which will appear when you click into the Tags box. Note that the tags apply to the entire collection.

Click Add Layout Collection when the information has been completed.

Managing your layout collections

Once layouts have been added, the Layouts area will display all collections - published or unpublished, at any state of completion. Single page collections will appear first. Scroll down to see the Cover collections.

To add an additional layout collection, click the Add New Layout button in the top right corner.

To edit a layout collection, hover over the preview area to click Edit. This will launch the layout collection in the page editor where you may design your pages(s).

To publish/unpublish a layout, add/edit keywords, or rename it, click on Settings under the selected collection to change the information associated it.

To delete a collection, click Delete under the selected collection.

Be very careful when deleting collections - deletion is permanent and your work cannot be recovered.

Next: Learn how to create layout collection single page(s) and covers.

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