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Latest Update

*in violet are publisher dashboard update.


  • Online Store Orders Tab - We have enhanced the Online Store Order report by adding a search field at the top of the page for quickly finding specific orders. Additionally, we now display the actual date an order was completed, and ensure that invoices open in a new tab so you never lose track of the order you are browsing.


  • The default font when creating a portait flow for the first time will now have Economica with a font size of 6 instead of OpenSan with a size of 8 which required most of the time to be fixed. This font is very easy to read, crisp and will ensure a higher visual ROI when applied the first time. As usual, you can still change fonts and font size after.

  • A bug was fixed, to ensure that when selecting different text object in the editor that the size of the font is refreshed properly as before it happen that the font size was not being updated properly after selecting another item.

  • If you have applied some image settings on a background or in an image, when replacing the background or the image, the image settings are now reset in order to ensure the perfect visual you expect.

  • Quality of life: We are ensuring that it is not possible to drag and drop an image over a clipart and vice versa to avoid poor cropping.


  • 45 Expertly Crafted Text and Photo Layouts for Your Design – Available Now!



  • Introducing 30 pages for the stunning Star Yearbook template for Elementary Schools – Available Now!


  • Introducing the new Overview dashboard, designed to provide a comprehensive peek at the overall status of the yearbook project. This intuitive interface allows you to swiftly schedule significant events in the calendar and utilize our enhanced task manager to achieve specific objectives. Additionally, communicating with your entire team has never been easier, thanks to our innovative message board, among other new features.
  • Add 3 new multiple-team baseball templates.
  • Add 23 new basketball templates.

  • The new Support widget offers you unparalleled control over the content visible to your school. You now have the flexibility to override any listed items, and if desired, you can even add your contact number for personalized support.
  • Remove the 'View Proofing' button from the email sent to the school once the publisher approves the final proof of the book, as it was confusing and inaccurate."


  • Add 3 baseball gloves to the Sports photo album.
  • Add 16 new baseball layouts and rework 8 of the previous layouts for a total of 24 layouts.


  • Fix a small glitch that occurred when resizing clip art and releasing the mouse while snapping was enabled.


  • Add 22 new abstract color backgrounds.


  • Introducing Ruler & SmartSelect Visuals. Elevate your layout precision with our updated page editor, now with an advanced Ruler and SmartSelect for dynamic object visualization
  • Customizable Grid Overlay and Snapping. Design with precision using our new grid overlay feature. Customize grid color and spacing, effortlessly align objects with arrow keys based on grid distance, and enjoy seamless snapping to grids for moving or resizing objects with your mouse.
  • Page Zoom with Slider Control. We've launched the first phase of improving page zoom functionality, featuring a new slider for easier zoom adjustments. A double-click resets the zoom, and tooltips guide panning.
  • Change the minimum spacing limit for rows and columns in the Portrait Editor from 0.2 inches to 2 inches.


  • Portrait Manager Overhaul: Simplifying Your Workflow We are thrilled to announce a complete revamp of the Portrait Management feature in the Book Manager!  This significant upgrade introduces a suite of enhanced functionalities and a more intuitive user interface designed to simplify the workflow and get faster results.


  • Understanding the importance of deadlines, we've completely overhauled the yearbook status section in the Book Manager. Now, you'll enjoy clearer visual feedback with our new color-coded system.
  • We're introducing a new feature that enables Publisher to enforce a specific expected number of pages for each yearbook while associating it with a book product and a page range.


  • Solving PDF Printing Issues with Flattening - Read more here 
  • 10 New Fonts and 17 new and updated holiday template - Read more here.


  • We're thrilled to share the latest update for your school's online storefront! With our newly released suite of visual customization features, you now have the power to personalize your storefront like never before. Dive into a world of creative possibilities with customizable options for your logo, custom messages, background color, and cover images.


  • 8 - Shape Collage Yearbook Layouts. We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – the ‘Shape Collage’ collection! Crafted with passion and precision, this series introduces unique layouts inspired by familiar forms and patterns


  • 13 standout yearbook layout options ideal for senior accolades, top quotes, preschool aspirations, and more.


  • Explore our fresh Comic Strip layouts, perfect for capturing humorous moments in your yearbook, just like in a comic book. We've added and updated over 15 designs for you!
  • Discover our new Arrow clipart collection, featuring over 24 designs ready to enhance your yearbook!


  • HEIC Upload Support - We're thrilled to announce a new feature update: Direct HEIC and HEIF photo uploads from the book manager, editor, and community album. Recognizing that this was a top request from our Apple iPhone users—who frequently capture moments in HEIC format—we've gone ahead and incorporated it. What makes this update even more exciting? We are the pioneers in the yearbook software space to natively support these photo formats. Enjoy seamless photo integration like never before!


  • Publisher Dashboard - We have significantly accelerated the order pane by integrating a pagination system for viewing individual orders. This enhancement streamlines the process and boosts the speed of accessing Export sales.


  • Publisher Dashboard - Introduce a new feature in the Order tab to quickly view your fundraising performance with real-time totals.
  • Publisher Dashboard - Enhance your sales reporting by adding the option to directly select a school before generating a report.
  • Publisher Dashboard - Customize your product availability according to your local time and timezone, thus controlling when a product should start or stop selling on your online storefront.
  • Book Manager - Streamline your community album creation process with a new option to automatically generate a corresponding Photo album, making photo transfers easier than ever.


  • Elements (Clipart) - Aspect Ratio Resize -  You asked for it, and we listened! As a result, from now on, elements will only be resizable with an aspect ratio lock. This will prevent errors and bad visuals that users often encounter when resizing clipart.  
  • Duplicate Portrait - We've made duplicating portraits a breeze! This new feature will be helpful in various situations, such as when a teacher has multiple roles in different classes. With just one click, you can set this condition and have the book reflow accordingly.
  • Deactivate Book Product - You can now deactivate a book product, preventing it from being assigned to a yearbook for a school. This feature allows you to phase out a book product's use gradually.
  • UX Improvement - Move Photo Dialog - We've enhanced the move photo dialog to make it easier to rearrange photos in your publisher dashboard. You can now clearly distinguish between "Backgrounds photo album" and "Elements photo album."
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Bug Fix - Editing Covers in Publisher Dashboard - We've fixed a bug preventing you from seeing the proper available covers when editing covers in the publisher dashboard.
  • Deluxe New Book Template & Cover - We're introducing the first series of deluxe yearbook templates that we've been working on
    • Back To School (35 pages)
    • Brighter Rainbows (32 pages)
    • Comic Wow (29 pages)
    • Emoji - 1 (27 pages)
    • Little Flamboyant(28 pages)
    • Little Pirates(30 pages)
    • Monster 1 (35 pages)
    • New Layouts & Elements
    • Collage - Various (89 layouts)
    • Theme - Senior Ads (11 layouts)
    • Collage - Shape (6 layouts)
    • Elements - Back to School (121)
    • Elements -  Cute Faces (35)
    • Elements -  Emoji (1000)
    • Elements -  Hearts (57)
    • Elements -  Make Believes Collection (227)
    • Elements -  Monsters (76)
    • Elements -  Robots (97)


  • We're thrilled to announce a major update, designed to keep up with the growing demand from our ever-expanding community of yearbook enthusiasts by  deploying a new dedicated image server for image uploads & proofing.
  • Fix a bug with SendPublisherWebhookFailedEmail not sending.


  • Add 22 comic and neon-comic single-page backgrounds.  Click here to see what is new.


  • 108 new single-page backgrounds added - Click here to see what is new. 
  • 20 new cliparts added -  Click here to see what is new. 
  • 11 Senior Ads layout added -  Click here to see what is new.


  • Admin can now edit their profile details.
  • Customize the email proofing message.
  • Add team-management knowledge base documentation.


  • Update the server code to prevent users from using illegal characters when creating an admin, as it prevented them from logging in to the book.


  • Update all servers to faster instances for a better user experience during the peak season. 
  • Update the core framework of the yearbook cloud to deploy the upcoming features.

What's next for Memento Yearbook?

Last updated on April 25, 2024

Here are some of the exciting features we are working on for upcoming updates to Memento Yearbook:

  • Update Color Picker / Custom Palette
  • Activity Logs
  • Multiple Covers per book
  • Image Tagging
  • Indexing
  • New Text Features in the Editor
  • Swap Layouts for Quicker Horizontal and Vertical Variations
  • Set default font for portrait templates.
  • Apply background image directly over a spread. 
  • New Deluxe Yearbook Templates
  • New Layouts for Editorials & Magazines
  • New Collages
  • New Backgrounds for single and double pages
  • Templates based on photo numbers.
  • Auto population of sections in the book manager using book templates.
  • Auto-collage
  • Page numbering enhancement

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Each suggestion allows us to understand your requirements and preferences better. This collaborative approach ensures that our product development aligns with your values and needs. 

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