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MementoPix offers a free demo account on request. A demo account is added as a single book license to your account, which you may use to set up a demo school book in your Publisher dashboard. Companies with large sales teams may be issued an additional demo account, upon request and at the discretion of MementoPix. 

We strongly recommend that you do not pre-assign a license to a school from your balance in anticipation of a sale. You cannot self-refund a license nor reissue it to a new client. Please consult the Terms of Use document regarding refund policies for licenses that have been used in any regard.

How to use your demo license

1. Create a demo book. The primary account holder should be set to a manager or sales/support person in your company. This login will be used to manage the demo book, image resources and team members by a member of your staff.

The designated staff member will receive an email invitation to log into the book and activate the account.

2. Next, log into the book (directly via the account you just created or via the Publisher dashboard). Add content to the book to give your client content to play with. Add a demo portrait database and create a portrait page section; add a candid section and some pages; create a few photo albums with sample photos in them. 

3. When you need to provide access to the book to a potential client, create a team member account for your client. 

Provide login info to your client that includes the web link, the demo School ID, their Username, and the password you created for them.

4. After the client has logged in, you can:

  • join them on a phone call to take them on a tour with both you and the client logged into the book;
  • provide links to demo videos from the knowledge base, or create your own;
  • provide a script of things to try in the software, such as adding a section, adding pages, uploading to a community album that you already set up, building a page in the editor, decorating a portrait page section you already built, etc.

5. Once the client has finished trying out Memento Yearbook, clean up the content they added

6. Most important - delete their team member account. The account is now ready for the next demo.

Demo accounts are to be used exclusively for sales & support. They may not be used to create published books or other materials. Should it be determined that a demo account is being used for purpose other than to demonstrate the software, the Publisher account will be suspended until a remedial solution is reached.

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