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Sample Portrait Database

All materials below are the exclusive commercial and intellectual property of MementoPix Inc., who holds copyright over this content. As a Memento Yearbook publisher, you are granted the right to use our branded marketing materials on your website, in demo & sales videos and in printed promotional materials and during sale/demo presentations and webinars.

Memento Yearbook marketing materials may not be used for any purpose other than sales and support of the application and related services. By using these materials, you implicitly agree to not use them in a misleading fashion or associate the brand with the promotion of illegal or morally questionable activities.

MementoPix offers you use of a sample portrait database for use during for demonstrations of the MementoPix application.  

The sample package includes 231 jpg images, including staff, six classes (3 grades) and a graduate portrait set, as well as a functioning index. Note the index includes job titles for staff but does not include priorities so as to allow you to demonstrate the Assign Role feature in the portrait database.

By downloading this zip file, you are agreeing to only use the sample in Memento Yearbook demonstrations.

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