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Tracking orders

The Orders tab displays all orders received from all school storefronts.

To export a report of your orders, click on the Export Orders link in the top right corner.

You can choose to export the order report in a basic table format, a label format for shipping, an accounting format, or a detailed format. Choose the database table format (CSV, JSON or XML) and a date range. The report will be downloaded, ready to import into your order manage tool of choice.

To view the details of a single order, click on the order number. The order details will be displayed - these are not editable.

To manage a school's store, click on their store link. Their product listings and settings will be available.

To edit the details related to the school, click on their name.

Your revenues from the order received are displayed in the last column. These figures reflect only your portion of the sale, and do not include the school fundraising surcharge, credit card fees or the store service fee.

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