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Helping your school with portrait pages

Portrait studios who offer Memento Yearbook to their clients may wish to give their yearbook advisers a hand with their portrait pages. Memento Yearbook offers you an easy way to log into your clients books to import their portrait images and make basic portrait pages. You can avoid the entire process of transferring images to them, and quickly get them working on their yearbook.

To log into your school's book, click on Manage school in the menu bar, then View the school of your choice.

Once in the book, you may upload their portrait database.

After importing the portrait database, you may wish add portrait page sections to their book and customize the pages.

Your school's editors can then make corrections to the portrait information and decorate the pages as they like,  letting them focus on yearbook design rather than learning a procedure they will only need to do once.

Learn all about the features and procedures for creating portrait pages.

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