Proofing & review for books made by your staff

Modified on Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 10:55 AM

If your company designs yearbooks for your client (in-house production), you can use the proofing & review tools in the app to get feedback on the book.

There are three possible proofing passes that you can use with your clients.
  • Approve/reject pages in the app. To use this method, you would need to create an Editor team member login for your client. The advantage is that they can review each page and give feedback on it. The disadvantage is that the client is able to edit the book directly and may be distracted by all the available tools and options in the full app. This method works best when you are working one-on-one with a trusted collaborator at your school.

  • Creating watermarked pdfs of each page, section or the entire book. Create the pdf, download it, then send the file(s) to your client. The advantage of this work flow is that a limited number of pages may be sent to the client, which they can then share with others. This suggests a good workflow for reviewing portrait page sections for typos and portrait exclusions, since your school contact may share the pages with multiple staff members, then collect their responses to send back to you. The client cannot edit the book in this scenario. The disadvantage is that there are no markup or accept/reject options as the generated file is just a flattened pdf.

  • A full online review/approve via the book submission tab. This option also requires an Editor-in-Chief login for the client. Once they login, they may access the Submit to publisher tab to generate a book proof, then review the proof and comment for rejected pages. After they have completed their review, you may cancel the proof, then make the changes to their pages as per their directives. You'll also know when the client has finished their review pass, because the status of the book will change under the Submit to Publisher tab. Note that you as a publisher cannot send the book to review, but your client can.

When sending the pdf or online proofing links to your clients, you might want to include some of the information in the General Proofing/Review Tips article so they know what to look for, since a lot of the proofing steps are particular to knowing the individual people at the school (eg. typos, misassigned or mislabelled photos, kids on the do-not-photograph list).

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