Changing, Duplicating or removing a book product (assigned to one or more schools)

Modified on Wed, 18 Oct 2023 at 02:37 PM

Book products may not be edited or changed once they are assigned to a school.


Should you need to change a product that is already assigned to one or more yearbooks, do the following.

You can either, make a new book product with the updated settings. Be sure to give it a slightly different name to easily identify it.

Or Duplicate an existing book product:

Consult the article on how to make a new book product for details. Once you've added the product, it will appear in your product list with no assigned schools.


Next, under Manage schools, locate any schools assigned to the old product, including schools that have moved their book through proofing and submission. Click View next to the client to access their book assignment.

Update the schools, one by one, to the new product. Note that book product cannot be changed if the school is actively working in the book, and that the book will be locked for all changes during the brief time it takes to reassign it to a new product.

After selecting a new product, click Update to confirm your selection...


Reconfirm your choice. As per the warning, changing the product will cause a resize of school's pages, and they will be notified that their yearbook will need review their pages. The new book product may cause items on their pages to shift to accommodate a different page dimension and/or guideline changes.


Schools with books locked in proofing or who have submitted their book will require that their books be rejected and reproofed. Unless the book is marked as completed (printed, no longer editable), it will be considered as active, and as such, will need to have its book product updated then reproofed/submitted.

When the schools using the old product have all been reassigned to new products, return to Manage book products. The older product is now editable or can be removed entirely.


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