Parent Passcodes

Modified on Tue, 01 Oct 2019 at 09:28 AM

Parent passcodes let parents attach student contact info directly to their store order. The passcode is sent to the parents along with the yearbook store website address. When the parent places their order, they may add their children's names, teacher & grade to the order after entering the passcode. 

The information the parent enters is matched to to the yearbook's portrait index. By linking the ordering system to the school's portrait index, the school's yearbook manager will be able to see which students have ordered yearbooks, allowing them to target sales info to those who have not yet purchased.

In the Publisher dashboard, the parent passcode is visible under the Store settings.

In the Memento Yearbook app, Editors-in-Chief will see the code under their Store link. The school may copy the store's website address and the passcode to distribute to parents.sscode to send to parents.

In the Storefront, parents may log in then enter the passcode to automatically associate their order with their child's name and homeroom teacher. Note that this feature is only available after the portrait index has been added to the book.

Parents may add their children's name, teacher and grade so the order is registered to them. Note that the name must be entered exactly as it appears in the portrait database, which is usually the same as how the child is registered at the school (no nickname or alternative spellings). 


Teacher and grade may be added by using a dropdown - all teacher and grades that are part of the portrait index will be displayed. If the information is not present, the parent may information manually.

Ideally, the information entered will match up to the portrait index. If it does not the parent will not be blocked from purchasing the book - they may still add the child's information to the order and proceed with checkout.

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