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Assigning a new editor-in-chief or admin user

If a book has been registered to a particular individual (the admin login) and that person is no longer working on the book after the book has been registered, you can help your school regain admin-level access to the book by assigning a new Editor-in-Chief login.

In the Publisher portal, click on Manage Schools, then locate the school. Copy the School ID since you will need to send this to your customer. Click on View to access the account. 

Click on Edit Book to launch the book.

Once the book launches in a new browser tab, click on Manage Team.

Add a new Editor-in-Chief.

Complete the form. Ensure that you make a note of the Username and the password you have chosen for the account.

Click Add User when the form is complete.

The new login is now available.

Contact your customer to provide them with the login website ( ), their School ID, Usename and the password. They will be now have full access to the yearbook, including team management, proofing & review and all other features available to the admin login.

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