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Making a school account inactive

To remove a school from the list of active schools and remove the school's access to all yearbook-related services book editor, storefront, make the school inactive.

Go to Manage Schools in the Publisher's dashboard. Click View next to the school to be made inactive.

Under the school's Info tab, locate the Active checkbox. So long as the checkbox is on, the school will appear in the list of active schools in the publisher's dashboard, and the book will be accessible in the Memento Yearbook tool and on the school's storefront (if applicable).

Turn off the Active checkbox. The school may no longer access their book in the editor or storefront. Click Update School to finalize your choice.

Under Manage School, inactive schools are not displayed by default. To see inactive schools click the menu icon in the top right corner to choose "Show only inactive schools.

Once checked, all inactive schools will be shown. Inactive schools can be made active by clicking View and updating their status again.

Note that a school cannot be deleted from your list permanently.

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