Assigning a book to a school

Modified on Mon, 08 Jan 2024 at 02:00 PM

In order for your school to work on their yearbook, you must assign a book to them.  When you assign a book, one of your available licenses is used. If you do not have any available licenses, you will need to purchase one to assign a yearbook.

To assign a book, click on Manage schools in the left-side menu.


Manage Schools will display a list of all active schools, their SchoolID and the number of books assigned to them. (Learn more about how to make a school inactive.) Use the up/down arrows to reorder the lists alphabetically or by quantity.

Note that books are not renewed between seasons - every yearbook or supplement is a separate book assigned to a school. This allows for child privacy protection rules to be applied regarding the retention of data for a limited period of time.

To assign a new book to a client, click View next to their row.

Click on the Create new book button under their Books tab.

Complete the form to assign a license to the school. 

  1. Under the Book section, give the yearbook a custom name,. This is useful if the school is creating more than one book in a season.

  2. Select a book product - this will limit the school to using the page and cover sizes for this product, as well as limit the minimum & maximum number of pages in the book.

  3. You have the option to set a specific number of pages, a feature particularly beneficial if your book product accommodates a certain range of pages.

  4. Set submission deadlines for the interior pages and the cover - this information will be made available in the app to the school, so they will be aware of their deadlines. Covers are often received previous to the book's interior pages so they may be preprinted and ready for binding.|

  5. Under the School Administrator section, provide contact information for the person who will be responsible for managing the book. Be careful about setting the email address correctly - otherwise they won't receive important information to access their book.

  6. Click ADD when the information is complete.

Once the book has been added, a book will be recorded under the school's book option. Note that the book will be marked as Unregistered until the administrator logs into the account, and that the email invitation will be marked as queued.


The invitation email will be sent to the contact person specified in the book registration form. The email will provide them with the information required to login to their book.


Until the client sets the account password, the book will remain as unregistered - this status will change one the administrator logs into the book following the instructions sent at the time the book was created.    

If your client did not receive an invitation to log into the book, you can re-send the invitation. Learn more.

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