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Marking a book as complete

After your client has submitted their book, you have downloaded their print-ready files, and the print job is finished, you may mark the book as complete. This is equivalent to forcing a book to expire so your client will no longer be able to access the book when they log in under their school id, and the book will no longer actively appear in your Publisher dashboard. You usually do this operation, when you have printed the book and everything related to it is completed.

Note that you will need to contact MementoPix support to have your book restore to its previous state.

To mark a book as complete, go to Manage Schools, find the school, then click View.

Next to the book in question, click Mark as Complete.

The following warning will appear - note that this action is final and cannot be undone.

After the book has been marked as complete, it will no longer be visible under the school's list of books as it is equivalent to an expired license.

To view the book's listing, access the top right menu to Show only expired licenses. You'll see the book again but not be able to access it.

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